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Rant, begins:

I don’t usually post my feelings and shit out in the public domain but tonight I am a bit pissed off. 

I honestly think I am a pretty decent dude, I treat ladies with respect and am always nice and shit, I don’t lie that much, at least not to people I care about. 

Yet I always get thrust into the friend zone, and usually, I am actually ok with it because honestly, I am not really interested in the girl but right now, the situation I am in, it’s not like that.

What do I do?

  1. aimlessflannel answered: Tell her you like her, stop being there when ever she needs you, she will want to do bf/gf things but as friends, dont, you will go nowhere.
  2. inhalethefashion answered: tell her you like her, then woo her (not necessarily with material things) but with spending time with her. But still she may have feelings4u
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